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Jaja is a beautiful 25 year old Extra-Terrestrial woman from an unknown planet in another Universe. She travelled to earth alone in search of a new world where she can start a new life. She came in search of adventure and independence. She craves to be centre and attention and unique, to be the only one of her kind. She enjoys life to the full and has a passion for music and dance. She enjoys fashion, with an interest in wearing bright colours, especially green, as it is her favourite colour.


This is my final garment design. I have been working from this design to complete my garment. I have used CAD on this design. It has helped me with the construction of the garment and to visulise were my patterns pieces need to be sewn together.

Front view of my final garment
Side view of my final garment
Back view of my final garment
I am very happy with the outcome of the garment. I was a little apprehensive that there would be too much green and that it wouldn't look like a beautiful wearable dress, but I think it does.
I can definitely see lady gaga in this dress to an award show in in a music video.
......It's very glamorous futuristic green alien look

Up Close

Take a closer look at the surface design and texture, created using various techniques.......

My final garment has lots of surface texture. I machine embrioded in various shades of green; beaded, foil printed and frayed my outside seams to give a worn look
This is a close-up of the seams. I frayed the edges consisting of the dyed calico and lining
This is a close-up of the zip on my garment. I placed it under the arm to descise/hide it as it is the same clolour as the lining. I have inserted it between the side seam.

.........Finishing Touches

This is me sewing my garment at home on my domestic sewing machine


This is me trying on my unfinished garment, still with pins in, to try the fit.
This is me the moment after I had just pricked my thumb with a pin.
Ouchi Ouchi!!!! hurt so much :)

This is me wearing my (almost) finished garment minus the sleeves
.............I then added in the sleeves and back detail

The Making.........

Production Process

After I had done the patterns for the dress I did a layplan. This was to give me a better idea about how much fabric I needed. I had 1.6m of natural calico from Green Fibres-Totnes. I placed my patterns on the facric in the same position and drew around them using tailors chalk.

Drawing around my pattern blocks onto calico

After cutting out my fabric pattern pieces I dyed each piece individually. I used a paintbrush to paint the dye onto the fabric. I used shades of green, blue and a bit of yellow to create a "spacey"/galaxy/green gas effect.

While the fabric pieces were drying I cut out the lining for the dress. I used a dark green lining as the seams are showing on the outside and this would highlight this.

After pinning the lining to the calico I pinned the pattern pieces together and sewed the seems together. I used the stand to help visulise the finished garment and to keep check on the positioning of seams.

Multiple Pattern Manipulation

Drapping on the stand

Working from my final garment design I began by drapping on the stand. I used scrap fabric and experimented with putting in darts and pinning. I cut off excess fabric and cut the neck and arm holes. This gave me a good idea about what my pattern is going to be like such as were the darts will go and were the seams will go. I used tailors chalk to make marks so when I take it off the stand I can see were it needs to be sewn.
This is the front of my drapped toile.
This is a side view of my drapped tiole.

This is a back view of my drapped toile. I have pinned were I indent the darts to go, to give shape to give shape to the garment.I ahve linned it up with the front pattern, with arm holes and seams matching.

Using paper - Take 1
After using fabric I used paper as it is very versitile. It is easy to fold, pin and tape. I aslo used paper to I could take my pattern from the final one.

Front View

Close up on bodice
Back View

The pattern pieces for the skirt are too big. I decided to cut out thinner skirt pattern pieces.

 Using Paper - Take 2
12 skirt pattern pieces

Front View
Close up view of skirt
Back View
paper sleeve pattern - 3 pattern pieces per sleeve

Using Paper - Take 3
Final Pattern
6 skirt pattern pieces

Front View - I have joined two pattern pieces from the the previous experiment using masking take

Side view

Back View

I used the skirt pattern piece from this experiment and traced it off to make a pattern block. I made the brought the sides in 2 cm each side. For my final fabric toile I used 7 skirt pieces. This was to allow extra seam allowence and extra for the zip.
For my final garment I decided to cut out 7 skirt pattern pieces as I had previously used for my toile which was successful. 

Ethical? Why?

Ethical Statement
From the research I have done, I have decided to use natural calico, from Green Fibres, as my fabric for the dress and source curtains from a charity shop or second hand store to use for my surface texture. This will keep environmental impacts low, as well as costs and so enabling to have greater profit margin if sold in retail. 

Fabric - Made in Mars !!

These are CAD (Computer Aided Design) I have created by scanning in my experimented fabric samples

I have created these fashion illustrations by scanning in my experimented felt samples I did at the beginning of the project.

This is a dyed fabric sample I have done, as an experiment, in the early stages of my project. These are similar colours and shade I indent my final garment to be.
I have used the above fabric sample and used CAD to create the fabric designs on the two left garments.
 I have used screen print and foil print to produce the fabric samples used in these designs.
More screen and foil prints.
More screen and foil prints with experimented dress length.

Food for thought =)

Inspirational Quote by H.G Wells

…In the western tradition, comets have long been identified as harbingers of change. In his 1906 novel In the Days of the Comet (set a century ago in 1910, the date of Halley’s last but one apparition) the British socialist and science fiction writer HG wells imagines the appearance of a comet over the United Kingdom which releases green gas that creates a “Great Change” in all mankind, turning away from war and exploitation and towards rationalism and a heightened appreciation of beauty. Notably, this shift in understanding is achieved not through human agency, but through an ineffable alien force.

Key Words:

Science Fiction
Green Gas
Great Change

Inspirational Images (sourced from magazines)

             I included these images in my moodboard for my project