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Jaja is a beautiful 25 year old Extra-Terrestrial woman from an unknown planet in another Universe. She travelled to earth alone in search of a new world where she can start a new life. She came in search of adventure and independence. She craves to be centre and attention and unique, to be the only one of her kind. She enjoys life to the full and has a passion for music and dance. She enjoys fashion, with an interest in wearing bright colours, especially green, as it is her favourite colour.

Food for thought =)

Inspirational Quote by H.G Wells

…In the western tradition, comets have long been identified as harbingers of change. In his 1906 novel In the Days of the Comet (set a century ago in 1910, the date of Halley’s last but one apparition) the British socialist and science fiction writer HG wells imagines the appearance of a comet over the United Kingdom which releases green gas that creates a “Great Change” in all mankind, turning away from war and exploitation and towards rationalism and a heightened appreciation of beauty. Notably, this shift in understanding is achieved not through human agency, but through an ineffable alien force.

Key Words:

Science Fiction
Green Gas
Great Change

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