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Jaja is a beautiful 25 year old Extra-Terrestrial woman from an unknown planet in another Universe. She travelled to earth alone in search of a new world where she can start a new life. She came in search of adventure and independence. She craves to be centre and attention and unique, to be the only one of her kind. She enjoys life to the full and has a passion for music and dance. She enjoys fashion, with an interest in wearing bright colours, especially green, as it is her favourite colour.

Multiple Pattern Manipulation

Drapping on the stand

Working from my final garment design I began by drapping on the stand. I used scrap fabric and experimented with putting in darts and pinning. I cut off excess fabric and cut the neck and arm holes. This gave me a good idea about what my pattern is going to be like such as were the darts will go and were the seams will go. I used tailors chalk to make marks so when I take it off the stand I can see were it needs to be sewn.
This is the front of my drapped toile.
This is a side view of my drapped tiole.

This is a back view of my drapped toile. I have pinned were I indent the darts to go, to give shape to give shape to the garment.I ahve linned it up with the front pattern, with arm holes and seams matching.

Using paper - Take 1
After using fabric I used paper as it is very versitile. It is easy to fold, pin and tape. I aslo used paper to I could take my pattern from the final one.

Front View

Close up on bodice
Back View

The pattern pieces for the skirt are too big. I decided to cut out thinner skirt pattern pieces.

 Using Paper - Take 2
12 skirt pattern pieces

Front View
Close up view of skirt
Back View
paper sleeve pattern - 3 pattern pieces per sleeve

Using Paper - Take 3
Final Pattern
6 skirt pattern pieces

Front View - I have joined two pattern pieces from the the previous experiment using masking take

Side view

Back View

I used the skirt pattern piece from this experiment and traced it off to make a pattern block. I made the brought the sides in 2 cm each side. For my final fabric toile I used 7 skirt pieces. This was to allow extra seam allowence and extra for the zip.
For my final garment I decided to cut out 7 skirt pattern pieces as I had previously used for my toile which was successful. 

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  1. WOW! Your dress has amazing shape, I love your theme, and it must have taken you a while to create the toile, well done!