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Jaja is a beautiful 25 year old Extra-Terrestrial woman from an unknown planet in another Universe. She travelled to earth alone in search of a new world where she can start a new life. She came in search of adventure and independence. She craves to be centre and attention and unique, to be the only one of her kind. She enjoys life to the full and has a passion for music and dance. She enjoys fashion, with an interest in wearing bright colours, especially green, as it is her favourite colour.

The Making.........

Production Process

After I had done the patterns for the dress I did a layplan. This was to give me a better idea about how much fabric I needed. I had 1.6m of natural calico from Green Fibres-Totnes. I placed my patterns on the facric in the same position and drew around them using tailors chalk.

Drawing around my pattern blocks onto calico

After cutting out my fabric pattern pieces I dyed each piece individually. I used a paintbrush to paint the dye onto the fabric. I used shades of green, blue and a bit of yellow to create a "spacey"/galaxy/green gas effect.

While the fabric pieces were drying I cut out the lining for the dress. I used a dark green lining as the seams are showing on the outside and this would highlight this.

After pinning the lining to the calico I pinned the pattern pieces together and sewed the seems together. I used the stand to help visulise the finished garment and to keep check on the positioning of seams.

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