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Jaja is a beautiful 25 year old Extra-Terrestrial woman from an unknown planet in another Universe. She travelled to earth alone in search of a new world where she can start a new life. She came in search of adventure and independence. She craves to be centre and attention and unique, to be the only one of her kind. She enjoys life to the full and has a passion for music and dance. She enjoys fashion, with an interest in wearing bright colours, especially green, as it is her favourite colour.

Up Close

Take a closer look at the surface design and texture, created using various techniques.......

My final garment has lots of surface texture. I machine embrioded in various shades of green; beaded, foil printed and frayed my outside seams to give a worn look
This is a close-up of the seams. I frayed the edges consisting of the dyed calico and lining
This is a close-up of the zip on my garment. I placed it under the arm to descise/hide it as it is the same clolour as the lining. I have inserted it between the side seam.

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